Connecting to God, each other and our world
  • Word Rooted
    We aim to live a life of faith and obedience based upon the Bible, God's "life manual" for us
  • Spirit Led
    We seek the power of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in everything we do
  • Worship Filled
    We strive to express our thanks and love to God in creative ways across all aspects of our life; it's what we're called to do
  • Prayerful
    We aim to develop a lifestyle of prayer to strengthen our relationship with God, understand His purposes and see His power at work
  • Relational
    We believe that as followers of Jesus Christ we belong to God's family, valuing every person across all generations and recognising everyone has a part to play
  • Disciple Makers
    We help each other grow and mature to become more like Jesus Christ and fulfil His purposes for us, where we are
  • Outward Focused
    We want to share the good news of Jesus Christ in words and action at every opportunity, to make a difference to individuals and communities both near and far